At Bella Nora, our expert team is trained in the many techniques of a Swedish massage. A delightful way to de-stress, this form of therapeutic massages uses oils and soothing rhythmic touch to banish the stresses and strains of the day leaving you relaxed and invigorated.

” Massages effectively releases tension and increases circulation, a gentle form of massages and an extremely popular way to unwind and re-energise. “

We offer specific massages including ‘Tension, back & shoulders’ and ‘Full body.’ In addition, experience the delights of aromatherapy with our ‘Full body massage using aromatherapy and aromatic oils.


  • Indian Head Massage- 20 Minutes


  • Neck & Back- 25 Minutes

    (You know the feeling, you get home after a long day at work, and the only thing that you can feel is you back. Let us ease those aches away with our targeted back massages.)

  • Foot and Leg Massages- 25 Minutes


  • Swedish Massages- 60 Minutes


  • Deep Tissue Massages- 60 Minutes


  • Hot Stone Massages- 60 Minutes


  • Aromatherapy Massages- 60 Minutes


  • Pregnancy Massages- 60 Minutes


  • Back Hot Stone Massages- 30 Minutes